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Caring For your Seedlings

PLEASE NOTE: On arrival your seedlings may appear a little yellow in color.  This is normal as they have spent 2-3 days in a box without exposure to UV light.  If your seedling still has seed leaves on it these will also be yellow. Click here to learn more about Seed Leaves.

Upon receipt of your seedlings, there are some important steps to follow
  1. Open box immediately and carefully remove the clear shipping trays.
  2. Inspect seedlings for damage and notify us immediately if there are any problems by emailing  Include pictures and your concerns.
  3. Your seedlings come with a plant marker showing the names so you can identify them. 1 per crop type is included.
  4. Remove each seedling from the tray carefully by grabbing the rockwool, not the plant. Please be especially careful with plants like squash, cucumber, beans and tomatoes that tend to have larger stems that may be intertwined with other seedlings. Be careful not to break them as you remove them.
  5. Water the seedlings thoroughly.  NOTE: Dry rockwool repels water.

  6. NEVER use softened water. We always recommend filtering City water with an inexpensive filter like this.
  7. If transplanting seedlings to an empty Tower Garden, use HALF STRENGTH MINERALS.  This is 10ml of each A and B for every gallon of water. In a Tower Garden FLEX this is 200ml of each A and B.  In a Tower Garden HOME this is 130ml of each. 
  8. If temperatures are 85+ for outdoor Towers
    • If you received them in the late afternoon/evening, you may place them directly in the Tower Garden planting them as outlined in step 10 below.
    • If you received your seedlings in the morning, place them in a shallow tray with 1/2 inch of water and place them in a shady location for the rest of the day. The extreme heat and nutrients can be a little overwhelming for a seedling that has spent a few days in a box! 
    • It is fine to leave them in a sunny location for a week or more providing you water them every day, possibly twice a day.
    • INSIDE, BEHIND A SUNNY WINDOW IS NOT SUFFICIENT as many windows have UV filters on them that filter out the light the plants need. 
  9. If temperatures are below 85 you may place them directly in the Tower Garden, planting them as outlined in step 10 below.
  10. In the cooler months, if temperatures are at or below 45 overnight, bring the seedlings inside but put them back outside the next day. When you are ready to transplant them to your Tower Garden ™ follow steps below.
  11. It is important to plant your Tower like a pyramid. Large/vine plants at the bottom, going up to the smallest at the top. To help you decide where to plant your seedlings we have listed the seedlings we sell, in the order you would plant them below, from the top of the Tower Garden™ to the bottom. The configuration is decided based on the size the plant will grow to.
    • Swiss Chard
    • Celery
    • Strawberry
    • Lettuce
    • Herbs
    • Greens (except Swiss Chard)
    • Beans
    • Peppers/Eggplant
    • Sugar Snap Peas
    • Melons/Cucumber
    • Summer Squash/Zuchinni
    • Butternut/Spaghetti and other vining Squash
    • Tomatoes

  12. Ensure the rockwool is touching the bottom of the netpot.  If it is not, the seedling will not get watered. As mentioned above, half strength nutrients is all that is needed for a new Tower of seedlings.  If adding to an existing Tower use regular strength. Balance the pH, set the timer.  The growing guide can be found here.
  13. Seedlings may also be planted in the dirt.  Ensure the rockwool is completely covered with dirt and thoroughly water. Do not bury the seedling itself.
  14. Most IMPORTANTLY: Have FUN watching your garden grow!

  15. If you are not able to transplant them to your Tower on the day they arrive be sure they are getting plenty of sun (6+ hours) and water daily.  There is no need to add Tower Tonic.