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Seedling Selecting Tips

  1. Check out the Gardening Maps to determine what you can grow and when in your location.
  2. Try not to select too many large or vine plants. A symbol next to the seedling description will indicate if the plant is large or grows as a vine . We suggest no more than 6 large and/or vine plants per Tower Garden™.
  3. The size the plant will grow to is indicated in the seedling description (small, medium or large) and this can help you determine where in the Tower Garden ® you will plant it.
  4. If your Tower Garden™ is located inside a building, screened room or lanai, you will need to consider pollination. Plants that are pollinated by bees or by wind are indicated by the symbols below. If you are growing these plants indoors you will have to hand pollinate them. A simple Google search for “how to pollinate …” will return lots of videos and step by step guides to help you with each vegetable.
  5. If you and your family (2-4 people) eat a salad every day we suggest growing approximately 8-10 heads of lettuce. For the average family, here is a guide to the number of each type of vegetable seedling you may need:

    Cucumbers – 1
    Bell Peppers – 1-2
    Butternut Squash - 1
    Eggplant – 1
    Green Beans – 4+
    Spaghetti Squash - 1
    Sugar Snap Peas – 4+
    Summer Squash – 1
    Tomatoes (cherry) – 1
    Tomatoes (regular)-1
    Tomatoes (beefsteak) – 1
    Watermelon – 1-2
    Zucchini – 1
  6. One of each herb you use is usually sufficient for the average family.
  7. If you add kale to a smoothie or juice parsley every day adjust quantities accordingly.