Vegetables - Squash, Yellow

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Growing Season:
Heat Tolerant 80-100°
Growing Season:
Average/Normal 60-80°
Crop Size:
Time to Harvest:
6-8 Weeks
Growing Pots:
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Tower Garden® Ready Large Plant
100% Organic Seeds Hybrid
100% GMO free 100% Pesticide Free
100% Farm Fresh Fedex 2 Day Shipping

Attractive and adaptable, bright yellow fruits. If the first few fruits wither, blacken, and/or fail to enlarge, it indicates an absence of pollination, remedied when male blossoms appear and provide pollen. Male blossoms have thin stems, females have thick stems and a bulbous base where fruit is developing. Harvest male/female blossoms at midday, when fully open, for use in salads or for stuffing. If squash crop is desired, harvest only male flowers, being certain to leave a few to pollinate female flowers. Clip flowers from vine 1-2" below flower base with sharp scissors or pruners.

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