About Us

Living Towers is home to a 4,400 square foot, state-of-the-art greenhouse that produces "beyond organic" lettuces, vegetables and herbs.  It is also a prototype of the future in community and family food production and consumption. Our food is produced “Clean and Green” using rainwater collection and solar energy, creating the smallest possible ecological footprint. We grow over 5000 plants and thousands of seedlings weekly while using less than 10% of the water, land and minerals it would take to grow the same in the ground.

Living Towers was established in October 2010 by Jan Young ND, NMD.  Jan's small idea soon became a large project that continued to snowball as more an more families learned of the importance of locally grown clean foods.  The business is now run by Jan, her son Jason and her daughter-in-law Dee.  In October 2012, just two years after Living Towers opened, they doubled the size of the greenhouse.

"We use a water based growing system (Hydroponic) that creates its own highly oxygenated environment (Aeroponic) for the plant roots. Our plants are grown vertically, using the latest “Tower Garden” technology and a proprietary Tower Tonic plant food. Our wide range of ionic minerals and plant nutrients allow us to grow strong, healthy, nutrient dense produce essential to vibrant human health. At Living Towers, we blend Nature with Technology, producing foods that “Nourish the Human Body and Spirit”. We service our local community by selling produce direct from our farm, along with supplying organic co-ops and food banks. Our goals include promoting buying local organic food, as well as the sustainable living movement. We accomplish this by teaching family growing, community gardening, seed saving and commercial production through tours and seminars. So come by for the best produce, and learn how you can grow your own Tower Garden right in your back yard!"