About Us

Dr Jan Young ND started Living Towers in 2010. Jan's small idea soon became a large project, as more and more families became aware of the importance of locally grown foods.  It truly is a family business, run by Jan, her son Jason and her daughter-in-law Dee. In October 2012, just two years after Living Towers opened, construction began on the second greenhouse. 

Living Towers is also a prototype of the future in community and family food production. Our food is produced "Clean and Green" using rainwater collection and solar energy, creating the smallest possible ecological footprint.  

Living Towers Florida Keys uses a water based growing system (Hydroponic) that creates its own highly oxygenated environment (Aeroponic) for the plant roots. Their plants are grown vertically, using the latest "Tower Garden"  technology and a proprietary Tower Tonic plant food. Their wide range of ionic earth based minerals and plant nutrients allow us to grow strong, healthy, nutrient dense produce essential to vibrant human health. At Living Towers, we blend Nature with Technology, producing foods that "Nourish the Human Body and Spirit".


Jason's lived in the Florida Keys for many years as a child and he and his family longed to return.  Jason and his family loved it there but there was one minor issue.  Finding good quality produce was not easy -- until now.

In 2018 Jason and his family moved to the Lower Keys with a vision of setting up an additional "Living Towers" there. In 2019 they opened Living Towers Florida Keys on Ramrod Key.  In 2021 they moved the farm to a bigger location on Cudjoe Key. Now Keys Residents and Visitors alike have access to locally grown, nutrient dense food YEAR ROUND!

Living Towers Florida Keys services their local community by donating fresh produce to local food banks and the Monroe County Sheriff Farm. They also sell produce directly from our farm and supply local organic co-ops. Their goals include promoting buying local organic food, as well as teaching others to live a sustainable life. Eating good quality food doesn't have to cost the earth, nor have a negative impact on the it.

Living Towers Florida Keys is also a Distributor of the Tower Garden, with over 12 years of Tower Garden growing experience. Living Towers Florida Keys grows thousands and thousands of seedlings each and every week.  Many are used to grow produce here in our farm, but the majority are shipped across the 48 contiguous states to Tower Garden owners and gardeners alike. For more information on the seedlings we grow click here.