Edible Flowers - Dianthus

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Marie Chabaud Carnation. Scented, French garden heirloom.

Vintage carnations present the sweet and spicy fragrance of clove. Frilly, pale lemon yellow, 1 1/2-2" double blooms with a small percentage of singles. Grass-like, gray or blue-green foliage. Blooms late July through August in our trials and is best grown as an annual for cut-flower production. Chabaud is an old-fashioned type dating back to as early as 1904. D. caryophyllus is native to the Mediterranean, where emotional attachment to this flower first took root. Also known as annual carnation. Pronounced shab-o, with a long "o." Tender perennial in Zones 6-8.

• Edible Flowers: Use the flower petals to garnish salads, desserts, soups, icing, and cold drinks. Flavor is of mild clove. Remove the petals from the flower base before consuming as the base can be quite bitter.