Greens - Endive, Benefine

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Growing Season:
Cold Tolerant 32-60°
Growing Season:
Average/Normal 60-80°
Growing Season:
Heat Tolerant 80-95°
Not Required
Time to Harvest:
4-6 Weeks
Crop Size:
Growing Pots:
Seed Type:
Seed Type:
Open Pollinated
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Tower Garden® Ready No Pollination Required
100% Organic Seeds Grow with Grow Lights
100% GMO free 100% Pesticide Free
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 Heat Tolerant  


Light green, romaine-like heads.

Also known as frisee. Fancy blanched leaves for salad mixes. Organic seed with NOP-compliant pelleting. Beautiful, ruffled head of light green leaves that are deeply cut and toothed. At maturity, its heart blanches to reveal creamy, sweet leaves. More tipburn tolerant and slower to bolt than other chicories of this type. Suitable for warm-season production. Also known as frisée or Trés Fine Maraîchère. USDA Certified Organic seeds