Lettuce - Salanova, Red

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Growing Season:
Cold Tolerant 32-60°
Not Required
Growing Season:
Average/Normal 60-80°
Time to Harvest:
4 Weeks
Crop Size:
Growing Pots:
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Product Overview

Tower Garden® Ready No Pollination Required
100% GMO free Grow with Grow Lights
100% Farm Fresh 100% Pesticide Free
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Triple red heads have a round base with open leaves. Attractive red to green color transition. Delicate, buttery flavor. Great for selling as a whole head or in salad mix. Pair with either a red multileaf oak or red multileaf butter. High resistance to downy mildew races 1-27 and Nasonovia rebisnigri aphid. Very good bolt tolerance. Makes for a great showing lettuce 

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