Vegetables - Romanesco, Puntoverde

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Growing Season:
Cold Tolerant 32-60°
Not Required
Growing Season:
Average/Normal 60-80°
Time to Harvest:
12+ Weeks
Time to Harvest:
6-8 Weeks
Growing Pots:
Crop Size:
Seed Type:
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Product Overview

Tower Garden® Ready No Pollination Required
 100% GMO free  100% Pesticide Free
 100% Farm Fresh  FedEx or UPS 2 Day Shipping

All-season romanesco.

Attractive, high-quality heads for summer or fall harvest. Produces excellent fall crops and, unlike other romanesco types, produces very good summer crops in areas without extreme summer heat. Also suitable for winter or early spring production in areas with mild winters. Strong, rugged plants. Outperforms typical romanesco types under stressful weather conditions.