Vegetables - Squash, Acorn Tuffy

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Growing Season:
Average/Normal 60-80°
Growing Season:
Heat Tolerant 80-95°
Crop Size:
Large Vine
Time to Harvest:
6-8 Weeks
Seed Type:
Seed Type:
Open Pollinated
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Product Overview

Tower Garden® Ready Large Vining Plant
100% Organic Seeds Hybrid
100% GMO free 100% Pesticide Free
100% Farm Fresh Fedex 2 Day Shipping

Lives up to its reputation as the best-tasting acorn. Great flavor coupled with dry texture (two elements of a great squash). Thicker, sweeter, and drier flesh than other acorns. Easily identified by its attractive heavy ribbing and black-green skin. Vining plant habit. NOTE: For sweetest flavor, wait two or more weeks after harvest. Avg. weight: 2 lb. Avg. yield: 5–6 fruits/plant. Organically grown. 

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